Blessed to Be A Blessing (Psalm 67:1-7)

Phill Howell, February 8, 2015
Part of the Psalm 67: Why Do We Exist? series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Sermon Outline:

There is one main point for this sermon....

- We exist because of the gracious blessing of God SO THAT we can bless others for the glory of God.

Three applications for this sermon...

1. New Perspective - We are not the center of God's universe or the ultimate reason for Christ's death on the cross. The glory of God is.

2. New Prayer - We ought to pray like Psalm 67. Namely, that God would pour out his blessing on us so that we can bless the nations. Do you pray like that?

3. New Purpose - We exist to make his name known among the nations. Who are these nations?

Tags: , Blessing, Embassy Anniversary, Grace, Missions, Psalm 67, Psalms

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